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The Nourishing Insights Podcast

Feb 23, 2023

Do you struggle with your hormone health? Are you confused by what your symptoms are trying to tell you and want someone to guide you through the fog? Join Nutritional Therapists, Beverley Sarstedt and Neleta Winter as they discuss Hormone Health and one of their favourite tools to help their clients find the answers they've been looking for - the DUTCH test.


0:00 Introduction and Beverley's own hormone struggles

13:11 Risk factors for pain

16:45 How Nutritional Therapists Work

21:20 When to take the DUTCH test

23:00 Examples of common hormonal imbalances seen in the DUTCH test

24:34 The impact of stress on hormones

27:00 Environmental challenges that impact hormone health

29:40 Acne and hormone health

34:00 The impact of liver function on the hormones

46:20 Key components of the DUTCH test

46:46 Melatonin and hormone health

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